Chairman of the Tver

regional youth

organization "Tverin Kariela" ("Tver Karelia")

Oleg Evgrafov

I approve _________________________

Date: March 15, 2018

Regulation on holding

Of the Karelian Ethno-Forum

The Karelian Ethno Forum is held once a year in landscape conditions, in a tent camp, on the territory of the Tver region, in the places of historical residence of Karelians.
1. The organizers of the Ethno-Forum are:

1. Tver Regional Youth Public Organization for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Tver Karelians "Tverin Kariela" ("Tver Karelia")
2. Tver national cultural autonomy of the Tver Karelians.
3. Administration of the Maksatikhinsky district of the Tver region.
4. Tver regional branch of the International Public Foundation "Russian Peace Foundation".

2. Ethno-Forum is held to achieve the following objectives:

-activization of the centers of the Karelian autonomous regions of the Tver region;
- assistance in the development of Karelian culture in the places where Karelians reside in the Tver region in the youth environment;

- education of respectful attitude to the historical memory of his people among the young Karelian generation;

- Promoting the principles of tolerance, mutual recognition, self-expression and the unification of various youth social movements on the basis of ethno-cultural values;

- strengthening the image of the Tver region as a region with an actively reviving national identity of Tver Karelians.

3. The tasks of the Ethno-Forum:

- organization and support of a network of youth active groups, independently, in the future, implementing activities on the Karelian theme at home;

- activation of the resource of national culture in the matter of cultural education in the form of joint creative activity that promotes the mutual enrichment of youth with the cultural values and traditions of the Karelian people;

- Encouraging residents of the territories where the Karelian ethno-forum will take place, to the practical study of their culture (family history, traditional way of life and way of life, native languages, national costumes, games, rituals, dances, songs, crafts);

- preservation, revival and popularization (for a young audience) of the best examples of instrumental musical culture, choreography, traditional rites and games of any nationality participating in the ethno-forum;

- Strengthening of partner relations, cultural mutual enrichment of territories-participants of ethno-forum;

- expansion of partnerships and geography of ethno-forum;

- creating conditions for cultural exchange and creative growth of amateur groups and individual representatives of Karelian culture (masters, poets, writers, composers, costume designers).
4. Geography Ethno-Forum, venue and timing.

The Karelian Ethno-Forum will be held on the territory of the Tver region of the Maksatikhinsky district, near the village of Kostretsy from 26 to 29 July 2018. Finno-Ugric groups in the regions of Russia and Europe, as well as individual representatives of this one, can take part in carrying out the Ethno-Forum.

Applications for participation in the Ethno-Forum will be accepted from May 25 to July 20, 2018 (Application form at The application must be fully completed and sent to the organizers.

You can come to the Ethno-Forum as a volunteer. To do this, you need to fill out a questionnaire (the form at The volunteer is exempted from paying the registration fee.

5. Organizing Committee of the Ethno-Forum.

For the direct implementation of activities for the organization and holding of the Ethno-Forum, an Organizing Committee (hereinafter - the Organizing Committee) is formed, the composition of which is approved by the founder of the Ethno-Forum.

The Organizing Committee of the Ethno-Forum acts in accordance with these Regulations and exercises the following powers:

- provides organizational, technical and information support for events within the framework of the Ethno-Forum;

- organizes the publication and dissemination of information about the Ethno-Forum in the media and the Internet;

- interacts with the participants and partners of the Ethno-Forum;

- collects Applications for participation in the Ethno-Forum;

- prepares and conducts program activities of the Ethno-Forum.

6. Conditions of participation in the Ethno-Forum:

Arrival of participants is carried out on July, 25th till 20:00. Transportation costs to the venue of the Forum are provided at the expense of the sending party.

Meals will be provided at the expense of the host country.

The organizational fee for each participant of the Ethno-Forum is 1500 rubles per person. This contribution will be spent on current costs, catering and materials for the Master Classes.

When arriving for an incomplete period, payment is made based on a payment of 500 rubles per day.The deposit must be paid before July 20 after registration through the transfer of funds to the Sberbank Bank card 4276 6300 1313 4948 with the Surname and Name of the participant. Registration is considered valid after payment of the registration fee.
Accommodation of participants will be organized in the form of a tent camp. Conditions for living in the tent city are provided by the organizers of the festival. The following will be implemented: conditions for feeding participants and conducting sanitary and hygienic procedures.
To comply with the sanitary norms, the organizers recommend using their own camping equipment - tents, sleeping bags and tourist rugs.

7. Contacts:
Tatyana Zhiltsova: + 7-904-357-64-17
Oleg Evgrafov: + 7-920-692-95-18

8. Rules of the Karelian Ethno-Forum:

- ethnic dress of any nationality of Finno-Ugric peoples is welcomed

- Any creative initiative agreed with the organizers of the camp is welcome

- smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited- garbage is collected in special places, in garbage bags

- in the river to wash and apply hygiene products is prohibited

- You can wash and wash in specially designated places, use washbasins

- It is forbidden to build bonfires on their own and use open fire on camp territory and nearby

- Camp participants are fully responsible for the safety of their belongings.

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