Summer karelian camp
for happy people

Karelian camp? What's this?
This is three days long summer camp for those interested in Karelian culture.
Organised by volunteers of youth organisation "Tverin Karela"
Placed on a picturesque bank of a river "Medveditsa" ("Bear-mom"), 100 km from Tver city and 35 km from Likhoslavl city, in Tver region.
And that's how we were getting ready to our first camp:

Why do I go to the camp?
Our tent camp is going to be in eco-environment. You will get to know better the culture and traditions of tver karelians through the games, activities, researches and hiking!
Adventure and fun
Our tent camp is an event to get inspiration for futher researches, hikes and adventure!
Fresh air in Eco-camp
Bank of the river, forest, beautiful landscape is ideal for relaxing and restoration.
Creativity and education
We hold seminars, workshops and meetings for a broad range of people.
Active holiday

Karelian Language
Summer is time to rest and travel. Let's get acquainted with the old village Tolmachi. We will go on foot to a one-day hike (20 km) along Karelian places. In addition, there will be classes on swimming and other sports.
All workshops are conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors and curators.
We invite professionals with extensive experience in ethnography, art, weaving, acting, cartography, cooking, sports, business and others, to conduct classes and seminars where you can learn new skills, ask any questions and have a great time.
Teachers and their students will conduct fascinating classes of studying the Karelian language right under open sky. And we will certainly communicate with local residents in Karelian. Especially for this local Karelians will turn on the option "Karelian language"
As a tradition, we are organizing an open air big creative evening for local residents.
Everyone's invited!
We think that every person is a creator! Participants may offer any activity.
Comfort and security
All participants live in their own tents. You choose the place you like to put up a tent. We offer meals, made on open fire, three times a day. Cool company is an option. Also we have a doctor with all necessary medicaments.

Concert «Kajahuš»
The youth folklore and ethnographic ensemble "Kajahuš" that's mega-popular in Karelia, will perform with us.
What our guests think about Ethno-Forum
Я побывал в местах и посетил храмы, до которых сам вряд ли доехал.
Познакомился с новыми людьми.
Узнал несколько слов по карельски и получил массу позитивных эмоций:)
Два дня пролетели душевно и ненапряжно в приятной компании.
Алексей Андреев, клуб "Сеятель", Тверь
It was an incredible journey. For three days I learned a lot about the Tver Karelians. I'm happy to participate in the projects of my friends.
Alex, teacher, London
Хочу всех поблагодарить за семейный приём))) я восстановил свои жизненные силы и готов снова делать мир лучше)
Евгений Кураков, учитель, Псковская область
Было солнечно, радостно и душевно:) Спасибо родителям, что взяли на форум:)
Мне не хватило уроков карельского языка на свежем воздухе:(
А так всё прекрасно:) Кек.
София Евграфова, волонтёр, Тверь
Карельский - Этно-форум, организованный активистами "Тверин Кариела" очень крутой!
Татьяна Евменчикова, преподаватель финского языка, Петрозаводск - Йоэнсуу
Я очень люблю путешествовать. И особенно мне нравятся вылазки на природу с палатками на несколько дней. 4 дня мне хватило, чтобы "насытиться" этнической культурой карел и природой. СПАСИБО организаторам за чудесно проведённые дни. Мне всё понравилось.До встречи на других мероприятиях.
Александр Чубанов, музыкант, Тверь

When ?

14-16 July 2017
Hurry up to arrange 3 summer days of adventure, activities and communication.
Contacts and Location
You can call us at a time convenient for you. We will be happy to answer your questions.
phone: +7 920 692 9518
Ethnic Park "Myammino"
Mirniy settlement in Likhoslavl district of Tver region.
How to get there
From Likhoslavl's railway station there are buses to "Prudovo" "Прудово"
In just 45 minutes you'll be on the spot.
Book a place on Ethnic Forum
Fill in the application form and provide us with some details.
We will reply you within a day.
Hereby I agree with the Rules of Ethnic Forum and give my permission to process my personal data.
All the photos and videos belong to members and volunteers of our organisation "Tverin Karela". Please, do not use them for any commercial purpose.
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